Březňák is a beer brand with a very local, authentic character, produced at Velké Březno brewery since 1753. However, the brand hasn’t been supported for years and has acquired a status of cheap, old-fashioned one.

We needed to give the beer some real character again, so we went back to the roots, making it more proud and premium. The new positioning “Proud to be old school” has led to a creative concept based on narrating the story of a brewery where time has stopped and beer is still brewed the authentic, oldschool way, and that’s the way we like it. Beautiful documentary photos taken at the brewery combined with witty illustrated headlines unfold the story piece by piece to give a complete image of where Březňák comes from.

National OOH media and extensive set of ontrade and offrade POS materials are accompanied by an adaptation of a global TVC and a newly developed website.